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FinalCut Pro X

Tonight I started a new project in FCX. After a few classes at the Apple Store with the older version, I am much more confident with this program but so slow! I’m sure it takes me twice as much time to perform simple steps than an experienced user. But, they started somewhere, right?

My project is related to work – editing/correcting a video that someone else created for me. The first problem is that I don’t have the source files – so I have to edit the .mov files. The opening of the movie has incorrect information. Using Keynote, I created a mini-movie to replace the original opening. I’ll have to write about Keynote another time but I do like that you can create a slide show with animation and then export as a QT movie.

Back to FCX. I split the audio from the video in my project and deleted the original opening. then I added my Keynote movie. Perfect!

Next problem. The lower third text throughout the movie is incorrect. So I need to do a fix that is more difficult because I don’t have the source files. So, using a jpeg image, I add an overlay and then resize to fit the space. By connecting this image to the video track, I’m able to combine the two so they both can be effected by the cross-fade effects.

Wow! I sit back and watch. Looks really good but….the audio is no longer synched to the video. What did I do wrong? Thank goodness I have a One-to-One class tonight. Let’s see if Jesse can get me out of this mess. Do I have to start over?

Wish me luck!

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