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Preparing for Lion

In preparation for the launch of Lion, maybe as early as tomorrow, I am prepping my hard drive. Since I store most of my key files in Dropbox there isn’t much to clean off my drive. So, this evening I’ve taken a new drive and formatted it for my Mac. Since many drives are formatted for PC, I have learned that when formatting drives exclusively for Mac, you must use the GUID partition type or you may be doomed for failure.

After reading various posts, I’ve decided to give Carbon Copy Cloner a try as my cloning tool of choice. Pretty simple – I selected my HD as the source, my external drive as the destination, and that’s it! As I’m typing this post on my MacBook Air, my iMac drive is cloning to the external drive.

After it is complete, I plan to boot from the external drive to test the clone. If it works, I’m ready for Lion at least on this machine.

Are you prepared for the launch of Lion? Will it launch tomorrow?

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