Technology is my passion!

Welcome to My Website

Welcome to My Website!

Music to My Soul has grown from a technology blog to a complete website. I hope you will bookmark my site and return often! As many of my friends know, music is my love but technology is my passion! Since my very first Radio Shack Computer (TSR-80), I have jumped in with both feet to learn about and through technology! My first IBM computer had basic (and I mean basic) sequencing and music notation software. I spent hours playing some of my favorite songs into the computer to create my own arrangements. Keep in mind that computer-generated sounds were not very exciting in the 1980s! However, it was more about the process of learning than the final product that captured my soul!

From one computer to my current multiple-computer home, I am always excited to learn more about these fascinating tools. I’ve torn apart computers and put them back together! I’ve repaired computers for friends just for the fun of it! When everything is working, I’m not as happy! Solving my personal tech problems is a challenge that I love.

As I prepare for presentations and explore new apps, I hope to be able to share my passion with you, my readers.

Have a great day!


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