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Creating an Wireless Ad-Hoc Network

Teachers who are trying to use their devices in schools that won’t allow mirroring on their school WiFi need to remember that they can use their computer to establish a wireless ad-hoc or peer-to-peer or closed network. I’ve seen all three names for this type of network.

Here is what you need to do on a Mac to make this work.

  1. From your computer, select the Airport icon on your menu bar (it looks like a fan)
  2. Select “Create Network…”
  3. In “Network Name” give the network a name so you will recognize on another device
  4. Select the “Security” pull down menu and add a password if desired
  5. Click “Create”
  6. On your Menu Bar, you will see a picture of a computer now indicating you are on your Ad-Hoc Network
  7. Go to your iOS Device and select this Ad-Hoc network as your Wi-Fi connection in Settings

You should now be able to use apps like Reflection or Air Display on your computer with your iPad or other iDevice. Remember to turn on  AirPlay Mirroring on your iDevice once the Ad-Hoc network is established and your device is connected.

I find that I have to setup a new Ad-Hoc Network every time I want to do this. Not a problem as once you know how it only takes a minute!