Technology is my passion!

For my Saturday morning tech adventure, I finally tried ScreenFlow for the first time. My simple project was to capture an online video (for offline viewing), do some minor editing, and add the video to iTunes to transfer to my iPad.

The project was a success and simple to do. ScreenFlow is incredibly easy-to-use and very intuitive. Since I’ve been taking classes on Final Cut at the Apple Store, the timeline feature was already familiar to me and I easily edited the unwanted “commercial” that preceded the video. Then I used the familiar crop tool to easily edit away the unwanted portion of my screen. I really like the snap-to window feature that made cropping a breeze.

Next step, export video. There wasn’t an iPad option just iPhone, iPod, and Apple TV. I selected the Apple TV option as the size was larger. Once exported, I dragged the file into iTunes and the next time I connect my iPad, it will be there for easy reference.

Did you try any new technology today?

Comments on: "Music Technology 101: ScreenFlow" (1)

  1. I also use Screenflow alot. I find it best for tutorial videos to first set your Mac screen resolution to 800 x 600 (I know this is old school) but if you make a tutorial movie it is so easy to follow and see. Especially if you post it online.

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