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Boone 2014

The team is getting ready for the Boone 2015 Summer Music Institute. Everyone is excited about seeing “old” friends and making NEW friends!

We hope you have a wonderful week in the lovely Appalachian Mountains and at the beautiful ASU campus.

Click HERE to access digital copies of your daily handouts. Handouts for the next day will go live at 4:00 pm EST each day.

I have been spending lots of time on my iPad preparing for a presentation next week. During this weekend, my activity confirmed what I already know –  Dropbox is an App that I just can’t live without! If you don’t have Dropbox, you can click on the link below to setup your account. Yes, I will get some additional free space but you will be so happy that you’ve added this great storage solution to your daily routines!

Get Dropbox here!

Hot Cross Buns Activity

Click on the link below to access the Noteflight Score

Go to File > Save a Copy to create your version of this score.

Play the Song on the Screen.

What is missing?

Drag the notes up or down to create the melody for Hot Cross Buns

Play the song again to see if you are correct.

Be sure to save your version of the song.

Copy and email the link back to your teacher.

Hot Cross Buns Activity

Click on the link below to access a template for a B-A-G Recorder Composition. Do not change the beginning and ending of this piece. Use only the notes B-A-G. You must be able to perform the piece you compose.

Recorder Composition

Dave at JamStudio has offered to provide the music teachers who attend the Lewisville ISD Training on August 16, a FREE Access Pass. Please click on the link below to submit your information. All questions are required.


Boone Conclusion

Thanks to all for a great week in Boone! I certainly enjoyed working with you as you build your technology skills. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions. We can all continue to learn together. I will try to update my blog more often to share some personal insights and ideas about technology. 

Happy exploring! 

Wow, today is our last day of breakout sessions. You have certainly been a great group. If I can ever be of help or answer a quick tech question, feel free to email me via Pearson OR my personal email

Click the LINK for today’s questions!

Boone 2013 Day Two

Good morning! Let’s get started with a couple of review questions. Please click on the LINK to find today’s questions. Answer ALL of the questions and click “Submit.”

Welcome to Boone 2013

Welcome to Getting Started with Technology Session! 

Please click this link to enter your contact information. 

The other week I stumbled upon Anytune – the music slow downer app that also allows you to change the key of audio files. Thanks to the folks at Anytune, I got a demo license to give Anytune Pro HQ a try on my iPad. This is a great app for music teachers who want to have “control” over some of the audio files they use with their students.

Have you ever wanted your beginner guitar students to play-along with a recording but it is in the wrong key? How about a piece that your recorder students could perform, if the recording was in an appropriate key? Are you trying to teach a folk dance and need a recording that is a bit slower for your students? Enter Anytune!

Like all of us, I wish I had more time to “play” with this and other apps but after a quick try, I was very impressed with what this app can do. To get started with the app, I selected “Choose a Song” and could see my iTunes Library on my iPad. Songs in black are ready for Anytune; those in grey text are either DRM protected files (and not available to Anytune) or songs that are matched but not yet downloaded to your device. Also, I found that some of the tracks that were in black, were not supported by Anytunes – I haven’t taken time to figure out why – could be DRM protected.

Once the track opens in Anytunes, hide the Song List and you’re ready to begin. For teachers, the simple thing is that you can quickly change the tempo of the song using the + and – buttons. Tempo changes up/down by .05 at a time. Also, easily change the key up/down by a semi-tone. Of course, you can change both the key and the tempo! I gave this a try and was amazed with the sound quality.   Of course, instrumental only recordings sounded better than those with vocals depending on the amount of change you apply to the track. Connect your iPad to an Audio Source or AirPlay with a device and you are ready to go!

Did I mention that when Anytunes loads your audio file, it does a quick analysis and provides the BPM of the track?

Anytunes can do much more than change the key and/or tempo. Have a section that you want your students to rehearse, easily setup a loop. Click the Loop icon to have the A marker appear. With your playhead (red line) at the end section of what you want to loop, click the B marker icon and you are ready to go. Of course, click and hold the A or B marker to easily drag them right or left. Other tools are available to fine tune the loop as well.

Anytunes even imports lyrics if you have them setup in iTunes! If you want to learn more, you should visit the Anytunes website by clicking here. Keep in mind that there are four versions of the app – the free version all the way to the Pro HQ version.

Thanks to the folks at Anytune, I have TWO trial codes for Anytune Pro HQ to give away. These codes are valid for two weeks. Just Retweet this post to be eligible to win and include @shirleylacroix and @AnytuneApp in your tweet. Also, you must follow both @shirleylacroix and @anytuneApp to be eligible. Winners will be contacted by midnight EST on 09/03/12. That’s today – so start Tweeting.